(SO-HAM meditation)


“Regular meditation opens the avenues of intuitional knowledge, makes the mind  calm and steady, awakens an ecstatic feeling, and brings the practitioner in contact with  the source of his/her very being.”             

 Sri Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Meditation is a practice that has been praised by saints and sages, great artists, renowned scientists and athletes and many others sentient beings since beginning of time. The purpose of meditation varied from person to person, for some it is a method to relax their mind, evacuate mental tensions and reduce their stress, for other it is to get insight in the nature of thing understand their true Self, their Buddha or God nature, for others it is just to experience the moment the way it seems to express itself in the now and for many other is just to get healthier and happier. But something is certain is that meditation is something one’s have to experience by himself or herself.

The benefits of meditation are numerous but trying to list them would be like trying to fit and ocean in a small aquarium. Imagine if meditation is a method, like many said, to make you realise you infinite nature. than how would it be impossible to define infinity? It is important to understand that if we have expectation on our practice we bring disturbance and interferance into our mind.

Meditation is usually define has a state of relaxed concentration on the reality of the present moment, a state that is experienced when the mind dissolves and is free of all thoughts. But before reaching such state of meditation one’s need to go through some important preliminary practices.

 One of those practices is concentration. Without concentration your practice often resume itself to thinking and daydreaming. Like you probably notice our mind is like a monkey always moving here and there. It never stops, as long as we don’t bring an effort to end its continuous chaos, we are under its control.

Many have understood this fact, and they have found ways to use the mind as a tool, instead of being us by it. When we start to understand this we bring a whole new perspective into our life. We start to gain control over it; we open the door to happier and healthier way of being.

To get closer to our Goal many techniques have been developed to learn to observe and control our mind. We will give few techniques; they are not the only one existing many others are as good but your choice depends on our inclinations. 

IMPORTANT: Meditation is not advised for all. For example, if you are going through depressive moments it wont be advise to go deeper inside yourself unless you have been advise otherwise by your teacher or doctor. Instead it will be more advise to be active with your outer environment, to get together with friends, family or community.  It is very important to get good guidance when we first start our meditation practice, and let your teacher know about your mental condition specially if it is unstable.
When to practice:
The best time to practice meditation is early morning just before sunrise. In the morning the air is fresher, quieter and your mind is more relax. Any other time is all right, night time before bed is also interesting.

Better practice before meal, Avoid doing practice after meal( wait two hours), your stomach is on working mode and you risk to fall asleep easily.

Try to do meditation at the same time every day.

Where to practice:
Have a quiet, well-ventilated place. This space should be for meditation and yoga practices only.  That will be your sacred space.

How long should I practice
At first start with 15 to 20 minutes then move up to 30-40 minutes. Do it according to your feeling but not just five minutes!
Later on when you feel comfortable with your practice you can increase to one hour and more


Meditative music can help in establishing a meditative atmosphere.